What real estate investment challenges are you facing? We offer a wide variety of consulting services for large apartment complexes and we will customize our services to meet our client's individual needs and preferences. All of our consulting services are designed and supervised by the firm's President, Jennifer Berman, CPMWhy choose a CPM?


Are you considering the purchase of a new asset? We can provide expert analysis of the offering information, verify income and expense information, conduct an extensive rental market and development trend survey, complete a site-assessment of the physical plant including inspections of every unit, draft a realistic operating budget and research financing alternatives. All of this will be completed to achieve the objective of providing you the information necessary to make a sound investment decision.


Have your on-site operations become inefficient? This can happen over time for numerous reasons. Our expert operations analysts can evaluate every aspect of your on-site operations, identify areas of inefficiency and recommend a corrective action plan. We can assist owners in implementing new operating systems and procedures that can keep your on-site operations on the right track.


A competent on-site staff is crucial the success of any large apartment investment. Over the years, we have developed systems and procedures that work. As part of our manager training program, we can assist you in locating a capable on-site manager or we can work to enhance the skills of the manager you already have. First, we evaluate the skills of the on-site staff. Then we provide a skills enhancement program in any areas of deficiency.


Is quality control important to you? Do you want to ensure that your manager is marketing your property effectively and within legal parameters? Our experienced shoppers can "shop" your property on a one-time basis, or we can place your property on a regular shopping schedule where you will receive periodic shopping reports. This service gives you the peace-of-mind that your on-site staff is maximizing apartment rental opportunities and conducting business on your behalf in an professional, ethical and legal manner.


Does your marketing effort need a jump start? Keeping an on-site marketing effort fresh and new can be challenging. We can assist your manager in developing a fresh new marketing approach. First, we evaluate your current marketing efforts and conduct an extensive rental market survey to understand the marketing efforts of your competition. We can assist in the development of new marketing tools that may include new advertising campaigns, curb appeal enhancement and signage, staging and merchandising vacant apartments, community networking or website design and development.


A safe and well-maintained physical plant is essential in today's litigious and competitive rental market environment. Our property inspection service includes a thorough exterior evaluation of the buildings and grounds for safety and proper maintenance. The interior of all apartments will be inspected for condition and safety. Priority attention will be paid to the presence of mold or mildew and any condition that can contribute to this environmental hazard. Other areas to be inspected include the leasing office, storage rooms, garages, carports and maintenance shops. A report will be generated that identifies the condition of every area inspected. We can then recommend a corrective action plan and assist with its implementation. We can oversee the bid process for capital improvement projects and the supervision of any construction and repairs.


Could you be making a better return on your investment? Our expert financial analysts can evaluate the current financial status of your investment and identify areas where improvement could result in increased cash flow and investment return. Whether it is implementing a necessary and consistent rent increase plan, or drafting and implementing a realistic operating budget, a financial tune-up can be the secret to better investment returns.


Whether your investment is conventionally or bond financed, we are expert in assisting our clients with financing needs. Perhaps it's time to refinance: we can evaluate the market and recommend the best option depending on your investment goals. Perhaps bond financing makes sense for your investment or it's time to remarket your bond. We have assembled a team of bond finance experts who can assist you in every aspect of this very complex and lengthy process.


Is an affordable housing program part of your financing? If this program is not administrated correctly, it can jeopardize your financing status. We can evaluate the current on-site administration of your affordable program and recommend any needed changes or improvements. We also provide on-going supervision of your affordable housing administration to ensure compliance.

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