Management Innovations, Inc. specializes exclusively in serving investors of apartment complexes 50 units and larger: It's all we do. We believe that in doing so, we can obtain for our clients the most successful real estate investment results possible. Since 1992, Management Innovations, Inc. has been offering a full spectrum of real estate services to apartment investors. These services include management, brokerage, consulting and syndication.

Our experience with large apartment complexes is vast. As real estate managers, we have successfully managed more than 1800 apartment units. Our extensive portfolio has included all profiles of large apartment communities including bond financed and affordable housing communities, senior citizen communities, modern luxury communities and properties in bankruptcy and receivership. As brokers, we have assisted clients in approximately $100 million in conventionally and bond financed investment real estate transactions. As consultants, we have tackled every conceivable large apartment challenge from excessive vacancies, on-site personnel problems, capital improvement projects, financing alternatives, financial auditing, assessment of the physical plant, fraud and theft just to name a few. As syndicators, we have successfully brought together groups of smaller investors who are interested in the reaping benefits of larger apartment complex ownership.

Management Innovations, Inc. has a long-standing reputation for providing unparalleled, personalized service and a proven track record for achieving maximized investment results. We are so committed to personalized service that when we become your apartment investment company, you may consider us part of your personal staff to help you achieve the goals and objectives of your investment. We believe in flexibility and we will customize our program to meet your needs. If it needs to be done, we've done it and we can do it for you.


The purpose of our company is to achieve superior operating results for the owners of large apartment complexes through customized personal service and a highly effective real estate management program.


We believe that maximum investment performance for our clients can be achieved while still providing clean and safe housing to the public.

We are guided by our conviction to serve each client with the personal attention and the experienced focus of our principals.

We will utilize effective and efficient methods, systems and personnel to produce the targeted results of our clients. As individuals and as a team, we maintain accountability for our performance.

Consistent with our ethics and our desire to build lasting relationships, we will act with honesty and integrity and will communicate with full disclosure to our clients.


Jennifer Barthuli-Berman is the president, broker and founder of Management Innovations, Inc. She directly supervises all of the on-site operations and financial accounting of the company. Mrs. Berman is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara with a bachelor's degree in Economics and is a licensed California real estate Broker. Since entering the real estate industry in 1989, Mrs. Berman has personally managed more than 1800 apartments in her career ranging in size from 6-637 units. As a highly successful owner of large apartment buildings herself, Mrs. Berman is expert in virtually all aspects of large apartment building ownership, management, financing and accounting and provides our clients with management and investment services from an owner's perspective.

In 1996, Mrs. Berman earned the designation of CERTIFIED PROPERTY MANAGERR from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). In 1997, Mrs. Berman was awarded the designation of "CPM of the Year" from the Central Coast Chapter of IREM for her successful work in Public Relations. Mrs. Berman shares IREM's commitment to elevate the professional standards of real estate managers and to promote ethical conduct and integrity within the industry.


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